Session Etiquette

Feeling unsure about what is appropriate during a session with Me or how you should behave?

Let’s clear that up!

Observe the following protocols to ensure a smooth, cordial, and pleasurable interaction with your Goddess.


Understand the Rules of the Game

There are two parts to this:

1. Be aware of the fact that I am a Domme, not an escort.

Sensual domination is still domination, not prostitution. If you attempt to solicit sexual favors from Me during our session, it will be terminated immediately and without refund.

2. Don’t try to top from the bottom.

I am only interested in playing with genuinely submissive men who honor, respect, and cherish My power and authority.

If you are not truly willing to hand over the reins to Me, then we are not a match.

Periodically, I get inquiries from potential submissives essentially saying, “I want You to dominate me–by wearing what I want you to, saying what I want you to, and doing what I want you to.”

Don’t be that guy.


Use the Proper Title

I have chosen Goddess, not Mistress, as My title. Don’t use “Mistress” when referring to Me.

Any time we are communicating, whether in person, by phone, or by email, you are to refer to Me as “Goddess.”

Respect My Tribute (NO Haggling)

Any self-respecting Pro-Domme will be offended if you attempt to negotiate for a lower rate. In that area, I am no exception.

To imply that a Domme is not worth the fee She commands, or that She should make an exception for you, is impudent and insulting.

If you want to arrange a session with Me, don’t make that mistake.

Be Well-Groomed

Please arrive clean, freshly showered (within the past 24 hours), deodorized, and neatly groomed (i.e., hair combed, nails trimmed to a reasonable length, etc).

Though certainly not required, I will be greatly pleased–and very flattered–if you choose to dress a notch or two above standard, everyday-casual attire for our session.


Don’t Take any Liberties

During our time together, you will be asked to pamper Me with massage and other forms of sensual touch as I instruct.

Do NOT touch Me in any area I have not expressly given you permission to touch.

For example, if I instruct you to stroke my inner thighs, do NOT allow your hands to wander to my crotch.

Furthermore, unless I choose to grant you the Divine Honor of facesitting (for which I will be clothed), ANY contact with that area is strictly forbidden.

The Laws of the Temple

  1. You are financially liable for anything broken or otherwise damaged as a direct result of your actions during your visit.
  2. You must arrive in discreet, ordinary, “vanilla” clothing.
  3. You must arrive sober.
  4. No weapons or drugs allowed.
  5. No smoking on the premises.
  6. Remove your shoes upon entry.
  7. Silence your cell phone before we begin (no vibrate mode–either fully silenced or OFF).
  8. No bare bottoms on furniture.
  9. If you use the restroom during your visit, wash your hands afterwards.
  10. Never touch Me without permission. Be a good boy and ask first. ; )

Ivy Candles


If you still feel uncertain about anything regarding My requirements for your behavior, feel free to Contact Me to ask for greater clarity.

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