Instructions for Requesting an Audience with The Goddess

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For the best chance of reserving a space in My schedule, it’s wise to plan ahead.

Please provide at least 24 hours’ advance notice whenever possible. A minimum of 3 hours’ advance notice is required when requesting an appointment.

I am most accessible by email, and so that is My preferred method of communication.

I would love to hear about your interests and previous experience!

Please be courteous, articulate, and concise. Respectful, well-written inquiries well be answered. Crude, one-sentence messages will not.

You are also welcome to call Me between the hours of 11am and 8pm. DO NOT TEXT.

If you do choose to call and I am unable to answer, please leave a brief message with your name, number, and availability for a return call. Out of respect for your privacy, I will not return your call unless you have explicitly authorized Me to do so.

NOTE: Sensual domination is still domination, not prostitution.

Do NOT contact Me to inquire if My sessions are “full service,” or to request sexual favors of any kind. If you expect to be “serviced” by Me in any way, you do not understand the way submission works–and you will not hear back from Me.

Also, tribute is non-negotiable. Be a good boy–don’t try to haggle. ; )

Contact Information

Email (preferred):
Phone (calls only–NO texting): 206-327-2518

Your Goddess Awaits…