About Naja

“Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams; purge your thoughts of the life you knew before. Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar… and you’ll live, as you’ve never lived before.”


Greetings, My inquisitive admirer!

I am Goddess Naja, Professional Dominatrix & Seductress Extraordinaire.

And I invite you to enter My exotic world of magic, mystery, and ecstasy.

Forget all you’ve been told about dominance and submission, and prepare to discover an intoxicating new realm of Sensual Surrender!

Like the cobra from which I take My name, I am elegant, cunning, and deadly.

My serpentine gaze will mesmerize you. My deep, sultry voice extinguishes all resistance. And within My deadly coils, you will find the release you so desperately crave.

The Grand Sexperiment: BDSM Gets a Makeover

I’ve spent My entire life exploring the many paths of sensual expression–strip tease, belly dance, tantra, and most everything related to the art of seduction.

It was not until My early 20s, however, that I began to experiment with BDSM. Given My strong, dominant personality and My desire to live a brazenly unorthodox lifestyle, I thought that working as a Pro-Domme could be My dream job!

I was right–in part. A year’s worth of professional experience confirmed My long-held suspicion that traditional BDSM didn’t suit Me.

Upon reflection, the reason was simple: it didn’t play to My strengths.

I was born something of a sensual genius.

I have always possessed remarkable Powers of Seduction: an intensely magnetic presence, an instinctive mastery of erotic touch, and an intuitive understanding of the art of pleasure–but with its emphasis on pain and punishment, traditional BDSM did not allow My natural gifts to be properly expressed.

So I crafted My own signature brand of Sensual Domination–a potently erotic departure from classic BDSM that creates surrender through pleasure rather than pain.

Time and time again, My submissives rave about the euphoric experience of relinquishing themselves to My control–and My exquisitely capable hands.

Click here to read a TNA Board review from one utterly enchanted worshiper. You could be the next!

Seeking an Audience with the Goddess

Think you might like to come up and serve Me sometime?

Click here for the details on what a deliciously sensual encounter with Me is like.

And be sure to familiarize yourself with My tributes and session protocol so that you know what is required of you in serving Me.

Hungry for More?

If you’d like to know Me even better, read My in-depth backstory to learn the significance behind My name–and how I transcended my religious upbringing to become the Powerful Sex Goddess I am today.